Kuala Lumpur: A City of Diversity

Malaysia is a unique country with an interesting blend of cultures and beautiful landscapes.  Although I only spent four days in the fascinating city of Kuala Lumpur, I now have to consider this my favorite place that I have traveled.

I fell for this city immediately. Upon riding into the city from the airport, right away I felt like I was surrounded by jungle. Entering into the city, one of the first things that really captivated me was the unique blend of different cultures. Malaysia consists of three distinct ethnicities and religions: Malay Muslims, Indian Hindus, and Chinese Buddhists. Along with these three distinct groups comes a whole array of interesting culture – places of worship, food options, languages, traditions, clothing, etc.  It makes for a vibrant colorful feel as the city is surrounded by so much diversity.

Along with the cultural diversity, the city seems to have a pleasant contrast between city and nature.  Although it is a huge city which is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world – THE tallest twin towers in the world, and the tallest tower in Southeast Asia – the city still seems to retain a jungle-like tropical feel which is one of the things that I absolutely love.

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