100 Best things in Life

I started thinking about those little things in life, all those millions of tiny moments that add up and make up life so amazing.  It’s important to remember some of those little things that make you feel alive and grateful each day.  I had a moment and I started thinking about all those many things I love in life, and I started compiling a list – which seemed never-ending but I decided to stop at 100.

So what makes you smile? What makes you feel alive? What inspires you?
Here’s my list….

1. Discovering new music that you love
2. Getting lost in a perfect moment
3. Dim lighting and drawing/painting, surrounded by good music (The Zone)
4. Good people
5. Making true connections with people
6. A good wholehearted laugh
7. Watching the sunset, anywhere
8. Watching the sunrise, anywhere
9. Meditating in nature
10. Reading a good book
11. Feeling energized and empowered during a good run
12. Music, music, music
13. Feeling inspired, getting a great idea
14. Realizing your dreams
15. Learning, understanding, growing
16. Traveling, always
17. Immersing yourself in a new culture
18. Family Traditions/Reunions
19. Finding happiness in an unexpected situation
20. Unplanned adventures
21. Adventures, adventures, adventures
22. Learning to speak or understand a language
23. Finding bravery to do something that terrifies you
24. Running into the freezing ocean with no fear
25. Swimming in the ocean waves
25. Jumping into a pool on a hot day
26. A hot shower
27. Sitting by the fireplace in the dead of winter
28. Writing
29. Dancing
30. Singing with friends on road trips
31. Seeing a band / artist you love live
32. Feeling strong and independent
33. Overcoming a challenge
34. Photographing
35. Creating and designing
36. Meeting an interesting person
37. Good, DEEP conversations about the meaning of life
38. That time right between night and day – dusk
39. Nature walks
40. Seeing wild animals in their natural environment
41. Beautiful outlooks
42. Campfires and smores
43. Enjoying a really good meal
44. FOOD – in general, all of it, always, so much food
45. Dessert
46. Discovering your passion
47. Staying up late working on something you care about
48. Feeling carefree
49. Spring flowers
50. Feeling happy to be who you are
51. Doing something spontaneous
52. Taking risks
53. Massages
54. A really sound sleep after a completely exhausting day
55. True smiles
56. Inside jokes
57. Warm memories
58. Stupid, silly conversations and laughs
59. Being in nature
60. Cuddles and hugs
61. Falling in love
62. Ghost stories
63. Ice cream
64. Getting into a comfy warm bed on a cold winter night
65. Listening to the rain outside your window
66. Snow tubing
67. Snow days
68. Feeling hope
69. Making someone smile
70. Seeing someone you love truly happy
71. Colorful dresses
72. Trying new things
73. New crushes
74. Cute animals
75. All animals – any animals!
76. Swings!
77. New experiences
78. Halloween
79. Discovering new opportunities
80. Clothes straight outta the dryer
81. A field of flowers
82. Rollercoasters
83. Listening to the waves
84. Exploring new places
85. Finding passions
86. Making a difference in someone’s life
87. Reminiscing
88. The smell (and taste) of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
89. Giving/Receiving a truly meaningful gift
90. Accomplishing your goals
91. Getting an unexpected compliment
92. Simple joys of childhood
93. Feeling good after a workout
94. A familiar smell
95. Positive people
96. Helping someone
97. Long midnight phone calls
98. Lying underneath the stars
99. Forgetting about time
100. Feeling completely at peace



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